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Mining Ethereum on M1 Mac GPU

TL;DR: It’s possible to mine Ethereum on a M1 Mac GPU. Hashrate is about 2Mh/s. I’ve had my M1 MacBook Air for a bit of time now, and I also recently started mining Ethereum. I can’t help asking myself: What’s Ethereum mining performance like on a M1 Mac? The obvious thing to do first is […]

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LAN Party VPN – My experience with WinTun, Windows Firewall, NSIS and Windows Defender

I’ve recently made LAN Party VPN. It makes playing LAN games with friends on Discord effortless. LPVPN is written in C++, mostly because Discord SDK is only available in C, C++ and C#. So I didn’t have much of an option here. The idea of LPVPN is rather simple, get IP packets from WinTun (the […]

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Wasmino = WASM + Arduino (Running Arduino code in browser)

Wasmino is an Arduino core fully compatible with the Arduino IDE. It allows you to compile your Arduino sketch to WebAssembly and run it in a browser, all using the Arduino IDE. Showcase This is the off-the-shelf “Fade” example in the Arduino IDE. You can see it compiled to WASM and running here: (Click the […]

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R5 Thermal Mod, take 2

Pretty much the same idea as the previous attempt, but with graphite sheets to conduct heat better (I’m using Panasonic PGS sheets). This is 100% not recommended because the graphite sheets are conductive, and are more likely to cause damage.

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Canon EOS R5 Thermal Mod

Required Tools / Material PH0 Screw Driver (it must be PH0, anything else won’t do) Tweezers (Optional, but nice to have) Thermal Pads (1mm thick, preferably uncut) Thermal Pads (2mm thick, preferably uncut) Scissors (to cut the thermal pads) Disclaimer If you break your camera, it’s not my fault. I also don’t guarantee it will […]

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